Coping with isolation and loneliness

For many people, being in Isolation or just being alone can make us feel anxious and insecure

Fear of being isolated, or alone, can be caused by all kinds of things you may have experienced in the past, or simply because you haven’t had to experience it before. In normal circumstances, we have the ability to do something about it, to change how we may be feeling, but how about now?

Due to the current social restrictions, many people both young and old are feeling anxious about the prospect of spending months confined to their homes with minimal human contact, and with good reason! We are a social species, so when human interaction is taken away from us, it’s not easy to change a lifetime habit.

Feeling lonely and isolated can also have a negative impact on our mental health, especially if these feelings last a long time and become a habit. Some research suggests that loneliness is associated with an increased risk of certain mental health problems, including depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, sleep problems and increased stress.

Here's how your hypnotherapy can help with isolation and loneliness

These are difficult times for everyone but like most problems, negative feelings won’t fix themselves without you taking steps to correct them and improve your situation. In reply to the Covid-19 epidemic, we have constructed this 1-hour hypnosis session to help you deal with being in Isolation and the loneliness that comes from that.

So why wait? No situation will improve until you take the steps to make life better, so do something positive today and invest an hour in yourself.


Here's how your hypnotherapy course will work

Once you’ve purchased your hypnotherapy courses, you’ll be sent a link via email or you can access your videos by logging into “my account” located on the menu bar.

Get yourself comfortable and make sure you won’t be disturbed. Turn off all mobile devices, radio and other distractions where possible. It’s important to set aside 1 hour of quiet time, this will allow you to immerse yourself into the session.

For maximum relaxation, we recommend you find somewhere quiet to lay down, but if you would rather sit in an armchair, it’s important to make sure your head and neck are properly supported.

Please try to use a speaker wherever possible rather than headphones, as these may distract you from the session if they become uncomfortable.

Need more information on hypnotherapy? Visit the NHS hypnotherapy treatment page.

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