Meet the hypnotherapist – Nick Ralls

Nick Ralls is a long-established registered hypnotherapist, life coach and counsellor who uses modern state of the art mind programming techniques learned over the last 25 years with countless hours of ongoing training and professional development. In this time Nick has worked tirelessly to help thousands of clients with problems such as dealing with bereavement, quitting smoking, weight loss, and weight control, depression, the list goes on.

Back in March 1995, Nick was awarded the diploma in hypnotherapy after training with the Hypnotherapy Control Board in Bournemouth, United Kingdom.

Since then he’s obtained the qualifications of licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and certified Hypnotic Practitioner following his training with world-famous Mr Paul McKenna and the co-creator of NLP Dr Richard Bandler.

He is also a certified cognitive-behavioral coach.

Nick is a registered hypnotherapist and member of the Hypnotherapy Association in the UK, a leading professional body representing qualified hypnotherapists.

After qualifying in 1995 he has since trained with fellow experts such as:

NLP and hypnosis mastery with Paul McKenna Training Ltd in London.

Coaching Mastery with Michael Neill

Hypnotherapy advancement with the late Ormond McGill, known in the USA as the Dean of Hypnosis.

In 2000 Nick was authorised as a workshop leader following a teacher training in San Diego based on the work of Louise Hay, the bestselling author of You Can Heal Your Life.

Seminar training with hypnosis expert Ursula Markham in the U.K. leading to membership of the Hypnothink Foundation.

On radio, he was the resident “agony uncle” on the Love Power program transmitted by Power FM in Hampshire.

A prolific writer on health and mind issues, his problem page and advice columns appeared in local and regional newspapers and magazines across the U.K.

He runs Facebook groups ‘Feel Good’ and ‘Be Happy and the Face of Love’. He has also authored a book called How to be Happy in front of people.

A message from Nick Ralls:

For many years now I have been helping people, just like you, to change their lives for the better – quickly, easily and positively.

I am confident I can assist you to be who you want to be, to do what you want to do and to have what you want to have!

I have used a wide range of powerful techniques including hypnosis to improve the lives of thousands of clients for more than 25 years.

I have helped people successfully release negative beliefs and destructive patterns of behavior that have harmed their lives.

Allow me to help you live the life that you dream of.

Nick Ralls

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