Relationship survival hypnotherapy

Relationship survival hypnotherapy

*Update* Due to the current Covid-19 outbreak, we are all being forced to spend every waking moment together. These are not normal circumstances, nor are they especially healthy for any relationship, so this is testing a lot of relationships on many different levels. This 1-hour session has been designed to help you and the people you love to stay strong and to get through this.

When you decided to start a serious relationship with your partner, you probably felt like the luckiest person in the world to have found that one in a million, and the same is probably still true, but over time it's easy to lose that feeling.

If you've been together a while, you've probably long-departed cloud 9 and realised the person you’re with has flaws that are starting to grate, especially when you’re spending long periods of time together.

Sometimes just the way they breath can get your back up! But is this their fault? Or is this your issue? Afterall, we all have flaws! Are they just dealing with your imperfections better than you?

Is the problem them, or you?

The reality is, you chose your partner because of all the great things you saw in them, and those things probably haven’t left, but how you see them has.

If there's real value in your relationship, that value is still there. Nobody is 'perfect', and your imperfect partner is no exception (nor are you, of course). That doesn't necessarily mean you can't love them and be very happy together.

How can you think clearly when you're so annoyed?

It can be hard to think clearly about what is happening because, by its very nature, a relationship is emotional. And strong emotions - whether positive or negative - cloud your thinking.

This is where the deep relaxation and calm mind you can enjoy through hypnosis can come to your aid.

Using hypnosis to help your relationship and you.

Relationship Survival is a 1-hour hypnosis session designed to help you calm down all the emotions you feel around the relationship so you can think clearer and start to enjoy your relationship again. You’ll find you can take a much more balanced perspective in your mind and see the true value this relationship has for you.

You will feel much more relaxed about your partner's (and your own) imperfections and be able to concentrate on enjoying life together.

So why wait? No situation will improve until you take the steps to make life better for yourself and your family.

Here's how your hypnotherapy course will work

Once you’ve purchased your hypnotherapy courses, you’ll be sent a link via email or you can access your videos by logging into “my account” located on the menu bar.

Get yourself comfortable and make sure you won’t be disturbed. Turn off all mobile devices, radio and other distractions where possible. It’s important to set aside 1 hour of quiet time, this will allow you to immerse yourself into the session.

For maximum relaxation, we recommend you find somewhere quiet to lay down, but if you would rather sit in an armchair, it’s important to make sure your head and neck are properly supported.

Please try to use a speaker wherever possible rather than headphones, as these may distract you from the session if they become uncomfortable.

Need more information on hypnotherapy? Visit the NHS hypnotherapy treatment page.

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