Confidence boosting hypnotherapy

Do you need a confidence boost?

Does it feel like something is holding you back from doing what you really want to be? Do you find yourself looking at others and wishing you were more outgoing or the life of the party like them?

Do you feel like your lack of self-confidence is stopping you from doing what you want in life?

Low self-confidence will make life harder than it needs to be and will hold you back. You miss out on opportunities that come your way and you may even avoid certain situations because you just don't believe you can cope as well as other people.

Sometimes, even when you know you are capable of doing something, you can still feel a sense of self-doubt and anxiety can creep in. Your rational mind knows you can deal with it, after all, you have the same tools as everyone else, but your confidence is shaken, if there at all, and you end up not fully achieving your full potential.

True confidence comes from being self-assured and relaxed in as many different situations as possible. Quite simply, the more situations you can relax in, the more generally confident you become.

How can I help myself?

If your confidence is generally on the low side, you could probably do with some help in building it up. This is where hypnosis can come to your aid. Our session is aimed at helping you get, and keep, the mindset and attitudes that will allow you to see yourself in a fairer light, be more outgoing and get more out of life.

Negative expectations lead to negative results!

What we expect from ourselves determines how hard we try, how long we try for, and whether we try in the first place! A negative self-imagine blinds us to opportunities and changes what could be positive to a negative. Your crushed confidence effects how you respond to life, but also what happens to you in life (within reason). Whether we have good or bad expectations can even affect our physical health.

What to expect from our 1 hour session?

As you relax and listen to our session, you'll notice that you:

  • You feel able to tackle situations that you would have avoided or dreaded
  • Regularly surprise yourself with how capable you are and how confident you feel
  • Stop believing your inner critic and start trusting yourself
  • Feel calm when things don’t quite go to plan and simply get things back on track again
  • You’ll realise you are ready, willing and able to take life on.

We help you realise you have the tools to rule your emotions rather than letting them rule you!

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to make a positive change in your life, do so today.

Here's how your hypnotherapy course will work

Once you’ve purchased your hypnotherapy courses, you’ll be sent a link via email or you can access your videos by logging into “my account” located on the menu bar.

Get yourself comfortable and make sure you won’t be disturbed. Turn off all mobile devices, radio and other distractions where possible. It’s important to set aside 1 hour of quiet time, this will allow you to immerse yourself into the session.

For maximum relaxation, we recommend you find somewhere quiet to lay down, but if you would rather sit in an armchair, it’s important to make sure your head and neck are properly supported.

Please try to use a speaker wherever possible rather than headphones, as these may distract you from the session if they become uncomfortable.

Need more information on hypnotherapy? Visit the NHS hypnotherapy treatment page.

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