Sleep improvement hypnotherapy

Getting a good night’s sleep.

We all take sleep for granted, we’ve done it every day since we were born, right up until the point when you can’t, and the more you think about it, the harder it is to nod off!

Know it or not, sleep is the third element of a healthy lifestyle along with diet and exercise. Good quality sleep, that allows you to feel alert during the day, is critical to your health and wellbeing.

However, getting that good night’s sleep can be easier said than done!

If we don’t get enough sleep – for whatever reason – then it impacts on our behaviour. Ongoing bad sleep can have so many difficult to deal with side effects that can run into all parts of life.

When we sleep naturally, we 'fall' asleep. We don't try to sleep or force ourselves. But once you're in the vicious circle of trying to sleep and not being able to, it can be very difficult to escape. Hypnosis 'resets' your natural sleep ability, calming your conscious mind and letting your unconscious mind get on with its job.
Sleep habits are very responsive to hypnotic approaches, partially because hypnosis mirrors the natural process of falling asleep.

Our hypnosis session will help you overcome sleep problems and help you get that good night's rest you need. We'll help you cut through worrying thoughts, anxious feelings, and anything else that's getting in the way of your shut-eye.

Ready to sleep tight?

If you want to fall asleep fast, sleep like a baby, and bounce out of bed in the morning, our sleep hypnosis sessions will be just right for you.

Please note: In addition to this session for helping you sleep which addresses the immediate problem, you may also wish to consider some of our other courses if you are particularly stressed or anxious about a problem. Addressing a known problem at its source will help you to sleep but may also relieve the stress and anxiety allowing you to relax... and we all need that!

Here's how your hypnotherapy course will work

Once you’ve purchased your hypnotherapy courses, you’ll be sent a link via email or you can access your videos by logging into “my account” located on the menu bar.

Get yourself comfortable and make sure you won’t be disturbed. Turn off all mobile devices, radio and other distractions where possible. It’s important to set aside 1 hour of quiet time, this will allow you to immerse yourself into the session.

For maximum relaxation, we recommend you find somewhere quiet to lay down, but if you would rather sit in an armchair, it’s important to make sure your head and neck are properly supported.

Please try to use a speaker wherever possible rather than headphones, as these may distract you from the session if they become uncomfortable.

Need more information on hypnotherapy? Visit the NHS hypnotherapy treatment page.

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