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Hypnotherapy FAQs

In summary:

We’ve provided you with a lot of information regarding how hypnosis works but fundamentally it’s all down to you, do you want to make a change?

In summary, the process is simple. Reality is formed by our preconditioned beliefs. We expect a bottle of wine to taste better because it’s more expensive – and bam, we perceive an elevated difference in taste.

Hypnosis provides a means for overriding our existing beliefs, assumptions and memories. This is achieved by following a hypnotic induction, in which we reach a hypnotized state.

According to the state theory of hypnosis, when we reach hypnosis, we’re able to disassociate our behavioural controls and critical thoughts. In other words, we can hear suggestions and follow them without questioning why we’re following them, we have simply changed our decision-making process.

Our brains have a complex network for interpreting the world around us. Over the course of our lives, negative and unhelpful thoughts have worked their way into that network. This is why when we experience stress, we feel an overwhelming urge to comfort eat, or smoke, or turn to drugs or alcohol. These unconscious urges are uncontrolled! They happen automatically.

Hypnosis enables us to overcome and suppress these uncontrolled thoughts. And that’s where the power lies, Hypnosis empowers each of us to believe suggestions that best serve us to be true, and in turn, enables you to alter your behaviour and improve your life.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop wasting your time trying to make changes without addressing the root of the problem, it only leads back to the same place! If you want to make a change to enrich your life, then seize the day and help yourself with hypnotherapy, as one day, the day won’t be there to change.

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