Spending addiction hypnotherapy

Reduced spending habits with hypnosis

Breaking the habit of thoughtless spending.

Are you feeling the pinch? When things are going well it’s easy to get carried away and “splash the cash”, but when times are hard for the economy or you personally, it's not at all easy to tighten the belt.

The habits of free and easy spending can feel hard to break, especially when boredom sets in and online shopping is all too easy!

Even if you’re the sort of person who is quite careful with their money, you probably don’t live on a deserted island. Like the rest of us, you are surrounded by advertising to buy more and indulge. Not because you need these things, but because they will make you more attractive, younger, well-known, superior, etc. At least, that's what the advertisers want you to believe, and we’re programmed to want to believe them.

When money gets tight or future finances become uncertain, these messages about spending don't go away. While you’re consciously trying to be more frugal, every shop and online retailer is doing all they can to tempt you with the latest and greatest 'special offer'. These 'discounts' are not charity! They are there to draw you into spending more than you really want to or can probably really afford.

The mindset needed for true frugality

When you know that you must find ways to be more frugal and cut down your spending you find yourself having to develop a whole new mindset, and that can be easier said than done!

No doubt you start out with the best of intentions, but when you unpack your shopping you can't help but realise you’ve probably bought more than you needed and gone a little overboard with 'luxury' items.

How hypnosis can help 

If you really want to see a difference in your spending, you need to establish and maintain a frugal mindset. The easiest and quickest way to do this is by using the power of hypnosis.

Our Reduced Spending Habit 1-hour hypnosis session is designed to help you make quick and powerful changes to habitual patterns of behaviour. If you have never experienced hypnosis before then not to worry, the structure of this session and the powerful hypnotic suggestions

So why wait? No situation will improve until you take the steps to make life better, so do something positive today and invest an hour in yourself.


Here's how your hypnotherapy course will work

Once you’ve purchased your hypnotherapy courses, you’ll be sent a link via email or you can access your videos by logging into “my account” located on the menu bar.

Get yourself comfortable and make sure you won’t be disturbed. Turn off all mobile devices, radio and other distractions where possible. It’s important to set aside 1 hour of quiet time, this will allow you to immerse yourself into the session.

For maximum relaxation, we recommend you find somewhere quiet to lay down, but if you would rather sit in an armchair, it’s important to make sure your head and neck are properly supported.

Please try to use a speaker wherever possible rather than headphones, as these may distract you from the session if they become uncomfortable.

Need more information on hypnotherapy? Visit the NHS hypnotherapy treatment page.

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